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My name is Taylor Tom Conley, I am founder of Designed Conviction, and this is the Free Taylor Project. You may be asking yourself, why free Taylor? So I would like to give you some insight into who I really am, where I’ve been, and where I’m going. My life has been a journey full of many struggles. I don’t make excuses or deny that there are a lot of demons in my past, so I will be fully transparent with all of you. In 2006 I was arrested and charged with aggravated murder in the 1st degree, or the alternative, felony murder in the first degree,  I was subsenqently convicted of both charges. My lifestyle to that point was filled with drugs and a life of crime, which clouded my mind and distorted my vision. I became trapped in a world where I wasn’t taking responsibility.

As a troubled youth,  I was introduced to the system at the age of 13. I was placed  in a youth at risk program, which caused me to go into juvenile hall several times, resulting in me being pulled further away. At age 15, I was sent to a behaviour modification program in Mexico, Casa by the Sea, then to a more difficult one in Jamaica,Tranquility Bay, where I spent a year in total.  I was riddled with abuse and borderline torture that paved the way to what came next. I’m not making excuses, but the person I have become is not the person I once was. The boy who came to prison has become a man with a purpose, I now have a clear vision and a mission. I take responsibility for the actions that led me to this prison where I am sentenced to die. However, I am innocent of the crime of aggravated murder. If you would like to look into my case, please feel free to check it out https://casetext.com/case/state-v-conley-9

And here is all the legal paperwork, go to appeal 2020 folder to see the most recent actions

As I said I want to be open, honest and transparent about myself.

Songwritter of


Based on a real-life story of how Taylor Conley almost got killed on his road to prison. Now he is serving life in prison. Formerly incarcerated artist Seth Anthony joins in to help tell his story. 


He is the most “unfunny”…

I met my husband back in 2015 when he had already served ten years out of his life sentence. I saw his classified online, and he was looking for a friend. He is the most "unfunny" person that I know lol, he is very carrying, and he is the best friend that I could have...

I am amazed by the talents…

I am amazed by the talents of Taylor Tom Conley, a man I met who is serving life in prison. He has opened my eyes to the realities of how corrupt our justice system is. At only 20 he was wrongfully convicted of a crime he did not commit and in result was sentenced to...

About Me
  • Founder of Designed Conviction, which is a platform for artists who are incarcerated and ex-felons, showcasing art and stories of change. 

  • Publishes a Magazine called Inside Designed Conviction that is mailed to incarcerated individuals across the US, this is where they learn that can submit their artwork and creative writing for the contest that is published in Outside Designed Conviction the magazine.

  • Publishes a quarterly magazine called Outside Designed Conviction featuring those artists and advocating for positive changes in the system. 

  • Song writer, two of his songs have been released so far, performed by a former inmate he served time with. The songs are titled So Cold and Walk the Line The full album, The Free Taylor Project, will be released January of 2020. 

  • Releases a weekly podcast called Life of a Lifer, where he speaks of life in prison, advocates for other inmates, has guest speakers, interviews others, announces latest updates, answers questions from his subscribers and much more.

  • Wrote a book that is currently for sale called The Convicted Entrepreneur: Success is a State of Mind. In this book he writes a guide for entrepreneurs behind bars, but this book will give anybody, incarcerated or not, tools for a pathway to success. He is currently writing a novel based.

  • Accomplished  artist. He features some of his art on his website https://www.designedconviction.com/taylor-conley

  • Became a certified behavior adjustment trainer instructor (CBATI) certified under the famous dog trainer Grisha Stewart author and founder of the BAT training methods: Behavior Adjustment Training. Grisha came into the prison personally and did a two day written and performance test for seven individuals. Taylor was a primary dog handler in the dog program sponsored by the rescue dog shelter, Welfare for Animals Guild (WAG), training and rehabilitating rescue dogs.

  • Has earned three certifications through Peninsula College in the field of business. and is currently pursuing the completion of his degree in business administration.

  • Though he has been taking a break from it, he is currently 26 credits away from completing his bachelor’s degree in theology, through Shalom Bible College.

  •  Is a member of the 9th wave Toastmasters charter club, a part of Toastmasters international. and is the president of New Horizons Gavel Club.

  • Has volunteered his time to making teddy bears donated to children, in the “Bears Behind Bars” project, which is a part of the good bears of the world.

  • Is a licensed instructor for the “Roots of Success” environmental literacy curriculum, a part of the sustainability in prisons project. developed and sanctioned by Dr. Raquel pinderhughes, PH.d.

  • Is a facilitator for The Redemption Project. A self awareness program developed by inmates to mentor other inmates working to change the culture.

His website and podcast:  www.designedconviction.comwww.lifeofalifer.com 

Facebook: https://m.facebook.com/designedconviction/

Designed Conviction Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/p/BzYbkmNFSbX/

Life of a Lifer instagram: https://www.instagram.com/alifeofalifer/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/designedconvict


Born on Hallows Eve 1985 In the old Monticello Hospital, of Longview Washington. My life has been a trying journey full of twists and turns, ups and downs, a real life saga. My father a fourth generation commercial fisherman, a descendant of Tom Taylor a notable name on the Columbia river in the late 1800’s into the early 1900’s, in which Taylor Sands was named after. My mother the daughter of a fisherman, and country western cowgirl/ sales consultant, raised me out past the city limit sign, in the wooded hills of Longview. After my parents split when I was just four years old, I spent a lot of time with different people, as My mother was working and father often gone fishing. I spent a lot of time out at Taylor Sands with my grandparents. different Family friends, on a ranch, and with my cousins. As I was an only child I was quite close with my cousins. My mothers mother was from Scotland and I got the chance to travel there when I was 13 to visit and meet my great grandmother and many cousins aunts and uncles. My youth was a unique as well as troubled one, as I have the memories of many experiences both good and bad.

The Animated Series

Life of a lifer

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